Monday, 6 February 2012

Need Your Own Prince Charming for Valentine's Day?

Prince Charming Teddy Bear

Today, I made a sale of five Prince Charming teddy bears. Now, I know these little guys are really cute, but, as I often do when I make a sale of more than one item to one person, I started wondering what these teddy bears were purchased for.

Then I remembered that it will soon be Valentine's Day. Once, back when I was single, I threw a party for several of my single women friends who didn't have dates for Valentine's Day. We watched cheesy, sappy romance movies and played board games, had good food and drinks and generally had a fun time. I gave each of them a large stuffed frog wearing a crown which had puckered up red lips and, when squeezed gently, would say in a hoarse and raspy voice, "Come on, baby, give me a KISS!"

The idea was that we could laugh about our dateless status because most men really were not much better than these frogs. (Before men start getting all huffy with me, it was a JOKE.)

So, back to the teddy bears, I wonder if they are a gift for a similar reason, to give some single friends a soft and cute Prince Charming to cuddle with until the real thing comes along.

I no longer spend my Valentine's Day single, but I still remember when I did, and I remember the good friends and good times that I shared those Valentine's days with back then. So I suggest to anyone who finds themself single this Valentine's day, that you arrange a party or an evening out with friends and truly enjoy the friendships that fill your life.

And maybe you could by yourself a cuddly Prince Charming teddy bear to snuggle with until your Mr. Right shows up.